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Below find the construction materials and equipment that we install in Simple Houses.

Some of them are required and are obligatory, part of them is optional and can be chosen by the investor or is required in a selected energy standard.

Description of work offered by Simple House and materials used for construction.
Various options to choose from.
stages of construction
ground work removal of topsoil
narrow dig excavation to a depth of 1 meter below ground level
foundations reinforced benches - concrete B-20
walls - concrete block 12x24x38
concrete slab B-20; reinforcement steel bars Ø 6 ~ 10mm
thermal insulation - styrofoam foundation gr. 8-12 cm, gauze, adhesive facade
insulation against horizontal benches - roofing on glue
insulation against vertical - Dysperbit
plinth - cover with plaster mosaic
flooring layer of the ground floor horizontal insulation - 2x foil glued building
polystyrene / styrofoam passive 0.030 W / mK / styrodur 10 - 15 cm below the floor
5 cm cement screed
wooden structure of the building - planed pine dried to a moisture level of 18% external walls 38 x 150 mm
the interior walls 38 x 90 mm
impregnated foundations of walls, anchoring the foundation
the ceiling 38 x 185 mm
roof trusses 38 x 185 mm
OSB sheathing external walls - 12mm
OSB roof sheathing - 22mm
OSB sheathing truss - 15mm
roof - covering, dehydration, accessories - options gutters and downspouts GALECO - system solution, hidden elements
gutters and downspouts steel surface run - in color most zbiżonym for roofing
Plannja cover emka click on the standing seam - polyester mat standard - colors: graphite gray
ceramic tile "Plain" red Wienerberger
roofing membrane - Hairy Screen Roof
electric heating gutters with automatic
snow protections
degrees chimney
roof windows - Roto 6, wood pine, painted, dim. 54x98 cm, glass Roto, 2-3 -szybowy package
elevation - options silicone plaster, breathable, self-cleaning, for backing mesh and glue
Plannja sheet polyester wood frame
board larch wood frame, visible assembly
wool Isover TF Profi facade, stone, fiber thick rock. 10-20 cm
NEOTHERM grooved polystyrene, 0.037 W / mK, Gr. 5-15 cm
wind insulation - Proctor Frameszild 100 CE
steel sills - as machining roof
siberian larch - bay patio
window frames - Options Oknoteka - PVC frame, VP70 - V70 OPTIMAL BLACK (VEKA) from VETREX, color: white, without mullions, systems Tilt & Turn - coefficient for glazing suitable for energy standard glass and plastic frame in the "Master Therm" 5-chamber profile,
Oknoteka - PVC frame, V82 - V90 + (VEKA) from VETREX, color: white, without mullions, systems Tilt & Turn - coefficient for glazing suitable for energy standard, 6-7-chamber profile, veneer veka standard color RAL 7016
"Sendeń" - wooden, pine profile glued, painted, without mullions, systems Tilt & Turn - coefficient for glazing suitable for energy standard
"Sendeń" Energy saving - wood, pine profile glued, painted, without mullions, systems Tilt & Turn - coefficient for glazing suitable for standard energetycnego
front door simple, without embossing, with the possible side screen, or upper, the company Wikęd energy factor depends on building standard
hatches hatch to the attic stairs ladder, folding, assembly along the joists
garage door sectional, insulated, remote controlled, anthracite - Wi¶niowski 2.4 x 1.8
external terraces, entrance to the building siberian larch terrace on a wooden substructure, without railings and stairs level deck / ground, visible assembly
concrete slab / concrete stair, without lining
insulation of walls wool 15 cm - external wall construction
additional wool 5 cm - external wall construction
wool 5 cm - soundproofing interior walls
wool 15 cm - Utility ceiling soundproofing
wełna 20-40 cm - izolacja strop nieużytkowy
wool 20-40 cm - flat roof
vapor barrier - Proctor PROCHECK Economy CE - external plane
wall finish wooden rack 4 x 5 cm or 2.5 x 4 cm - roofs, the outer surfaces
fire gypsum board 12.5 mm
gypsum board impregnated with 12.5 mm - wet room
filling, priming
ventilation ducts and exhaust system Schiedel ventilation ducts or Leier, above the roof plastered, completed a hat paved
flexible pipes spiro, mushroom vent above the roof
exhaust system cables or Schiedel Leier, over the roof and plastered facade, completed a hat concrete
Lightning protection - option feints leaky pipes, joint testing, framing or vertical earthing point
electrical installation 4 pts. in room, 1x power socket on the building, complete switchgear
installation of electrical equipment Schneider Electric - Anya, or equivalent, electrical measurements
telephone installation 1 point for building
TV installation 2 points for building
installation C.O. electric heating and hot water - option wall-mounted electric convector heaters to 2 kW units
electric boiler to 120l, Biawar
installation C.O. gas heating and hot water - option fired boiler with a closed combustion chamber and reservoir Saunier Duval Isotwin F 25H - MOD power from 4.1 to 24.6 kw
KERMI radiators, thermostatic heads
floor heating
installation C.O. and domestic hot water heat pump - an option Panasonic air heat pump, NIBE or equivalent
KERMI radiators, thermostatic heads
floor heating
installation of auxiliary heating - options free-standing stove a "goat", to purchase up to 1000 zł, pipe flue
traditional fireplace with a simple housing with plasterboard, the price of the contribution to 2200 zł, flue
gravity heat distribution to the four spaces
mechanical heat distribution to the four spaces
water instalation PVC welded, fittings, fasteners, 1 point draw-external
sewage system PVC sewer pipes, pressed-in, brought to the contours of the building, venting taken outside the building
ventilation - options gravity - spiro ventilation ducts, vents, grille
mechanical engineering - Easy Duplex unit Atrea 250 or equivalent, ductwork, diffusers, the inlet sampling and launcher
Comments:: All instalations will we applied to the contour of the exterior walls of the building
The above offer is for informational purposes only and we are open to negotiations. The above offer does not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code and other relevant legislation.

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