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SIMPLE HOUSE is our response to current trends in the construction industry and the expectations of our customers in times of increasing costs of energy sources. We offer affordable, wooden house in three technologies: standard, energy-efficient and passive.
The company uses the experience of its parent company Nowy Konstancin, which has been operating on the market since 1998 and is an active member of the Wooden House Association (Stowarzyszenie dom drewniany). Our membership in this association, and numerous references are a reliable assurance of our services and prove the compliance of our services with the highest standards of construction.

We build:

- Quickly ( an unfinished house is ready within 2-4 months from the date of signing the contract and receiving permission)
- Cheap (prices from 2 310 zł gross per m2 of living space)
- Energy efficient (houses with low energy demand for heating)


Even though we are a relatively new company on the market, our team consists of many years of experience in both building simple wooden houses and complex mansions.
We are a good team and we have to our credit a long list of successful implementations of energy and passive house projects.


Key people in the company:

Adam Czajkowski – President and founder of the SIMPLE HOUSE

Dariusz Radziewicz - Vice president of the SIMPLE HOUSE

Rafał Raczkowski - project manager responsible for contact with the clients and supervising the implementation of projects

In the middle: President Adam Czajkowski,
On the left: Dariusz Radziewicz
On the right: Rafał Raczkowski

Jakub Szczęsny

   The chief designer of SIMPLE HOUSE. Kuba Szczęsny is a successful architect and a winner of many awards . He also co-founded the Project Group Centrala Designer’s Task Force and is the author of Keret House art instalation. He graduated Warsaw University of Technology, and is currently teaching and implementing spectacular architectural projects in Poland and abroad.


Our company employs a group of skilled professionals with a variety of construction disciplines.
The above offer is for informational purposes only and we are open to negotiations. The above offer does not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code and other relevant legislation.

Simple House
05-510 Konstancin-Jeziorna
Długa 78

tel: 22 717 32 65