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We offer three standards of wooden houses:
SIMPLE (standard house), SIMPLE ENERGY (energy-efficient house), SIMPLE PASSIVE (passive house).

The standards differ from each other depending on the kind of insulation and thermal conductivity. The common element for all standards is a construction made of planed, chamber dried to a moisture content of 18% pine wood.
We offer a cheap prefabricate houses in development standard. The walls of the house are finished with plasterboard, which is leveled and prepared for final painting.
The finish does not cover floors and bathrooms and final painting. Interior doors require self-assembly.
The foundations are made using the slab on grades, which protects against the occurrence of thermal bridges. Insulation of the slabs depends on the chosen standard of the house.

Wall and roof designs


We offer several options for the exterior finish of prefabricated houses:


Coated steel sheet, Plannja Emka Click - standing seam
Ceramic roof tile, natural red plain tile (Koramic)


- Slightly wet silicone plaster structure applied on the insulation layer
- Wooden, vertical, smooth, twice oiled larch plank
- Coated steel sheet, Plannja emka click - standing seam (like roofwork)


- Wood or PVC with a coefficient (depending on the standard) from 0.8 to 1.3 W/m2K.

Description of the standards:

SIMPLE – standard house
Heat transfer coefficient of the walls - 0.24 W/m2K
Heat transfer coefficient of windows - 1.3 W/m2K
Annual energy demand for heating - 105 kWh/m2 /year*

SIMPLE ENERGY - energy-efficient house
Heat transfer coefficient of walls - 0.13 W/m2K
Heat transfer coefficient of windows - 1.0 W/m2K
Annual energy demand for heating - max. 40 kWh/m2/year *

SIMPLE PASSIVE - passive house
Heat transfer coefficient of walls - 0.09 W/m2K
Heat transfer coefficient of windows - 0.8 W/m2K
Annual energy demand for heating - max. 15 kWh/m2/year *

* Depending on the climate zone and the cardinal direction, the results may be slightly different from the presented above.

Check the exploitation costs of your future house. Multiply the surface by the value in the table to get the heating costs during one standard year.



Energy standard of the building
(Standard house)
Energy Simple
(Energy-efficient house)
Simple Passive
(Passive house)
The demand of wormth for heating
Heating cost
Natural gas
Air-water heat pump

The above standards, include following installations:

1.Electrical installation- 4 points per room, panel board, installation of Berker accessories, telephone, television, internet + alarm system (without accessories)
2. Water and sewage installation - PVC welded, Wavin
3. Central heating installation- plumbing, installation of Kermi steel plate radiators, complete boiler room, condensing dual-purpose boiler with closed combustion chamber De Dietrich
4. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (recuperation) or gravity assisted

All installations are connected to the outer contour of the building, without connections from outside.
Each installation options can be modified, for example by introducing air heating with heat pumps or electric heaters.
The above offer is for informational purposes only and we are open to negotiations. The above offer does not constitute a trade offer within the meaning of art. 66 § 1 of the Civil Code and other relevant legislation.

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