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History of Konstancin
written by Józef Hertel

Spa treatment
It was not before the fifties, that a hope arose to restore the spa traditions in Konstancin. It was then, that the salty waters springs were discovered in the city.
With the order of the Healt and Social Care Ministry of 23.01.1967 the National Enterprise "Konstancin Spa" was established. But it was not until 1972 that the status of a spa city was granted. The plan layed thereafter divided the city into three zones - A B and C according to the enclosed map. The enforcement of the plan is guaranteed by the Council of "Konstancin Spa" and the MD General resposible before the authorities of the city.
For over 30 years now the spa Konstancin Spa put into life spa treatment, directed toward the healing of the following: circulatory system, rheumatism, neurological, laryngological systems, women after mastectomy. It also included weight-reducing programs.
1.02.1999r. as a result of owner changes it was changed into "Spa Konstancin-Zdrój" Ltd., with the state as the only owner. The treatment is undertaken by Non-public Establishment of Healt-care Units including the following:
Przychodnia Uzdrowiskowa i Zakład Przyrodoleczniczy "Biały Dom",
Szpital Uzdrowiskowy -"Biały Dom" - rehabilitacji narz±du ruchu,
Szpital Uzdrowiskowy Rehabilitacji Kardiologicznej,
Szpital Uzdrowiskowy Rehabilitacji Neurologicznej,
Szpital Uzdrowiskowy "Marysieńka",
Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe "Przy ¬ródle",
Sanatorium Uzdrowiskowe "Fraszka"


Autor : Józef Hertel członek stowarzyszenia Autorów "ZAIKS", nr.leg: 1539F, wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone