Location and climate
Spa treatment
Monuments and culture
Spa traditions
Obory - the craddle of Konstancin

History of Konstancin
written by Józef Hertel

Location, climate, spa features

Located within the Warsaw Dale, in the middle of Mazovia Flats, about 20 km south of Warsaw, at about 75-100 metres above the sea level; on the banks of Jeziorka river and Wierzbna stream, roughly 6 km west of Vistula river. Densely wooded area, mostly pine, with vast areas of Chojnów and Kabaty forests on the south and north respectively.
Moderate local climate, good sun exposure, light winds, little rain, sandy soil - all that enables quick filtering of the atmospheric waters and low humidity. The forests influence the clearness of atmosphere, enrichen it with aromatic oils, so important in the process of regeneration and healing. It is beneficial to the treatment of cardiologic, neurologic and larygologic deseases, rheumatism and general biologilal regeneration.
Spa features - thermal salt spring - 6.7 %, chlorine-natrium waters, about 29°C from the depth of 1750 m. It is used in profilactics and treatment of respiratory tract; especially valuable for people using their voice - artists, teachers, those working in foul air conditions. The microelement contained in the salty waters nrichen the blood composites.


Autor : Józef Hertel członek stowarzyszenia Autorów "ZAIKS", nr.leg: 1539F, wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone