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Obory - the craddle of Konstancin

History of Konstancin
written by Józef Hertel


From the picturesqe forest of Obory, between the rivers Jeziorka and Wierzbna, in 1897 arises a new, sub-capital settlement - a place for summer recreation for the citizens of Warsaw.
The founder is count Witold Skórzewski, a son of the contemporary owner of Obory - countess Maria Grzymała-Potulicka.
At first, as a commemoration for his mother, the settlement was called Konstancja. Many famous specialists added their work in the process - architects, engineers, bulders of Poland.
That way, on the edge of 19th and 20th century stylish mansions, villas and small palaces were built in the area.
As time went, due to the exceptionall healthy features of the city and its comfort it was given the status of a spa.


Autor : Józef Hertel członek stowarzyszenia Autorów "ZAIKS", nr.leg: 1539F, wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone